Top Punjabi Songs 2021 That Music Lovers Should Know

Punjabi music had a fantastic year in 2021. Here are the top Punjabi songs 2021 with many most loved performers and catchy tunes. Read on to know more!


Without a doubt, Punjabi music makes any celebration come to life. The top Punjabi songs 2021 are the life of any event, whether a wedding or social gathering. Even if you don't understand the lyrics, you'll want to move your body to the music since Punjabi music, beats, and composition are so catchy. The entire melody is great for feeling good too.  Let's throw a new year's party with a playlist of the best and top popular Punjabi music below. 

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Top Punjabi Songs 2021: The Top 15 Punjabi Songs To Start The Party 

Chal Jindiye - Amrinder Gill

The list's slowest track, "Chal Jindiye," was the most well-liked. You may have never heard a song with such exquisite words as this Bir Singh's work. After listening to it, I'm certain you're singing the lyrics to yourself. 

8 Raflaan by Mankirt Aulakh and Gulrjez Akhtar

How is 8 Raflaan by Mankirt Aulakh not among the top Punjabi songs of 2021 ever? Over 225 million people have viewed this track from the Raflaan album by Mankirt Aulakh and Gulrjez Akhtar on YouTube. Both songs depict a very different romantic relationship, with melodic vocals and evocative words. However, both tracks engross you with their sound.

Mexico - Karan Aujla

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'Mexico' by Karan Aujla is, without a doubt, one of the most popular Punjabi songs of 2021. The song has a flirty tone and an awesome vibe. Basically, this is everything you need for your New Year's music.

Titlian Warga - Harrdy Sandhu

Yes, we are aware that "Titliaan Warga" isn't really a party song, but it is nonetheless one of the year 2021's most cherished melodies. Even non-Punjabis adore this song, and it quickly became popular on the internet. Since then, the singer has established a strong following in that genre thanks to his passionate and sensitive melodies.

Pani di Gal - Jasmin Bhasin and Mahinder Buttar

Featured in every playlist and party scene, Pani Di Gal captures the particularly romantic spirit of a relationship and is a must-have on your list. Many people enjoyed the music video, which was made in a wedding setting and featured a simple but charming plot.

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Maninder Buttar, a Punjabi musician, and Jasmin Bhasin, a well-known television personality, have collaborated on the track for the first time ever. Although there aren't many surprises beyond the typical Punjabi signature, the melody is hummable yet has an effect.

Talja - Jassa Dhillon

How can we ignore this song, which gained huge popularity? Jassa Dhillon Talja is a popular song in India. The strongest aspects of the song are its words and Talja's melody, and I couldn't resist listening to it.

Haye Ni Tere by Sara Khan and Ravi Nain

Haye Ni Tere is a song that portrays a charming love story with a real-life manifestation of adoration. The music video received much positive feedback from the audience, and Mr. Rajiv John Sauson did a fantastic job managing the project. The song is a seamless fusion of western and Punjabi sounds. 

Jatt Yamla - Manish Goplani and Saba Khan

Produced by Suresh Bhanushali and sung by Alia Khan, "Jatt Yamla" is a piece of lighthearted Punjabi music. The affection song captures the tender banter that practically every couple shares. It has a desi Punjabi vibe that gives the directed video of the most fantastic character in the business, Amit K Shiva, special energy.

Yamraj - Arman Malik, Kritika Malik and Payal Malik

Yamraj, a music product that was produced by Suresh Bhanushali and provided by Photofit Music, has successfully racked up many views on its YouTube video. The "Yamraj" music video has captured viewers' attention and received praise for their work and the impressive story of betrayal in the music video. 

Bijlee Bijlee - Harrdy Sandhu and Palak Tiwari

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The song "Biljee Bijlee," sung by Harrdy Sandhu and written by Jaani, is ideal for kicking off the celebration of the new year. In this upbeat song, Sandhu is joined by actress Shweta Tiwari's daughter, Palak Tiwari, who is making her music video debut.  The music is peppy without being obnoxious, flows easily, and is fun to sway to the music. The heart-tugging lyrics and thrilling melody of this Punjabi hit, which received a ton of love and support from the fans, attracted everyone's attention.

Jatt Te Jawani - Dilpreet Dhillon ft. Karan Aujla

Jatt Te Jawani is a wonderful Punjabi song. Dilpreet Dhillon and Karan Aujla's "Jatt Te Jawani" proves to be the year's song and deserves mention in this list! For Punjabi music lovers, listen to "Jatt te Jawani"; you can enjoy music and dancing. 

Gaddi Neevi - Yo Yo Honey Sighn

Without a Yo Yo Honey Singh song, were you really going to enjoy a New Year's celebration? No, of course not! So this time, use Honey Singh and Singhsta's new song, "Gaddi Neevi," to give your playlist just the proper amount of heat.

Oye Hoye Hoye - Dhanashree and Jassie Gill

Here is another upbeat tune to add to your playlist for the 2022 party with Dhanashree and Jassie Gill. It is a lively, catchy dance track that will get you moving.

No More Shada – Parmish Verma ft. Gurlez Akhtar

This song, performed by Parmish Verma and Gurlez Akhtar, has been a top hit of 2021 and has appeared on a lot of reels. The new song "No More Shada" by Parmish Verma, which has reached the music charts, has quickly become everyone's favorite. It seems like a celebration for Parmish Verma to claim his marital status.

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Lover – Diljit Dosanjh

Last but not least in our Punjabi songs 2021 list a song that Diljit Dosanjh has delivered: Lover. This romantic ballad with an energetic melody can quickly put you in a festive mood. The Lover is a funky beat that will keep you dancing for hours without becoming old. The track's music was created by Intense, and its excellent composition does not require further justification.


A celebration wouldn't be complete without a Punjabi song, right? As a result, these are the top Punjabi songs 2021 should be in your playlist. They all deserve recognition as the hallucinogenic lyrics make us want to listen to them again and again.