How Many Songs Of Lata Mangeshkar You Should Know!

Wondering how many songs of Lata Mangeshkar there are? The answer is in this article. Check it out and discover interesting info about this singer.


If you are a fan of Hindi film music, you must have heard of Lata Mangeshkar, one of the most famous and influential singers in the industry. Do you know how many songs of Lata Mangeshkar there are? If not, check out this article now to find the answer and discover more about this legendary female vocalist.

Who Is Lata Mangeshkar?

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Lata Mangeshkar (1929 – 2022) was a legendary playback singer from India who was known for having a voice that could go up to three octaves. She is recognized as the artist with the most recordings worldwide in the Guinness World Records. The famous artist was born into a family with a father who was also an artist, which also inspired her to pursue arts. Her father, Pandit Deenanath Mangeshkar, was a skilled theater actor and classical singer. Lata’s birth name was Hema, but her father later changed it to Lata in honor of a character from his play. She had three sisters, each named Usha, Asha, and Meena, and one brother named Hridaynath. All are outstanding musicians and singers. In 1942, shortly after her father passed away, Lata began her professional career. Still, her career started off pretty difficult as she battled to establish herself in the field. Lata Mangeshkar’s musical career began to soar in 1949 when she began collaborating with all of the playback singers and leading composers of that time.

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Over the course of her eight-decade career, Mangeshkar recorded songs for more than 5000 Indian cinema soundtracks, making her among the most versatile and influential vocalists in the film industry of India. She is also credited for singing in over 36 different foreign and regional Indian languages. This legendary vocalist has won numerous prizes and honors, including 15 BFJA Awards, 2 Filmfare Special Awards, 3 National Film Awards, and many more. Besides her role as a vocalist, she also expanded her career under the titles of music director and producer, both of which brought her certain success. She has been the director of a number of Marathi films, such as Ram Ram Pavhana (1955), Maratha Tituka Melvava (1963), Sadhi Manase (1965), and many more. Mangeshkar even won the Best Music Director Award for her film Sadhi Manase. Besides, the talented artist has made four films as a producer. Then, in 2012, she established her own record company, LM Music, and jointly released the devotional album with her sister Usha Mangeshkar. Her talent reached outside of her nation, and the power of her voice endeared her to a large global audience. In 1974, Lata Mangeshkar made history by becoming the first Indian vocalist ever to do a live performance in London’s famed Royal Albert Hall.

How Many Songs Of Lata Mangeshkar? – 2022 Update

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It is claimed that Lata Mangeshkar has made over 30000 music pieces. Still, the exact number of songs of Mangeshkar in total is a debatable subject. Mangeshkar, one of the best playback singers in Indian film, began her career in 1942 when she was just 13 years old. She sang thousands of iconic songs throughout her eight-decade career, including Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya, Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh, Rahe Na Rahe Hum, and Neela Asman So Gaya. Her name was connected to The Guinness Book of Records in 1974 after being noted as the artist with the most records in history. According to the organization, Mangeshkar recorded not less than 25000 duets, solos, and chorus-backed songs in 20 Indian languages between 1948 and 1974. Still, Mohammad Rafi, another Indian music icon, challenged the assertion and presented evidence supporting his own claim to have produced a greater number of songs than her.

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Mangeshkar was once again named the artist with the most records in the world by The Guinness Book of Records in 1991, with a number of at least 30,000 duets, solos, and chorus-backed songs in 20 Indian languages from 1948 to 1987. However, this record was then withdrawn by the organization without an explanation. Although it is unclear how many songs were recorded by Lata Mangeshkar, she never actually cared about the numbers, only the art itself. This shows how great of an artist she was.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Lata Mangeshkar’s Most Famous Song?

The most famous song of Mangeshkar has to be Tujhe Dekha To. It is the song from the soundtrack of the well-known film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, published in 1995. With 12 million units sold by His Master’s Voice (HMV), this soundtrack became the year’s best-selling Bollywood album.

In Which Year Did Lata Mangeshkar Get Bharat Ratna?

Lata Mangeshkar was awarded Bharat Ratna in 2001, making her the second singer to ever receive this prestigious award after M. S. Subbulakshmi. Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian honor bestowed by the Indian Republic. This award, which was established on 2 January 1954, is given in appreciation of “outstanding performance/service of the highest order”, regardless of a recipient’s profession, position, race, or sex.

How Many Awards Did Lata Mangeshkar Win?

This legendary vocalist has won a total of 81 awards and honors throughout her career. Some prestigious awards include the Filmfare Awards, National Award, etc. Besides, she also got nominated for 98 awards. These numbers prove the appreciation of the nation and the world toward her talents and dedication to art.

What Is Lata Mangeshkar’s Last Song?

Lata Mangeshkar’s last song was published on 30 March 2019, and it was a homage to the Indian Army and country called Saugandh Mujhe Is Mitti Ki. This song is the recital of the same-named poem by Prasoon Joshi. Thanks to its timely and meaningful message, Saugandh Mujhe Is Mitti Ki won praise from the critics.

The Bottom Line

Although the answer to the question of how many songs of Lata Mangeshkar there are is debatable, estimates place the figure as high as 30000. She is, without a doubt, one of the most talented singers in the music industry in India, if not worldwide.